Thursday, November 1, 2012

Freebie Alert!

November in the USA brings election day. Every 4th year this is a bigger and more important vote as we choose our new president! This year is one of those years! And, the election this year is a little nearer and dearer to my heart (Manda) because of one of the proposed changes on the MN ballot this year. I am NOT going to get into politics with you, but we do think it's important to let your voice be heard! So, go out and VOTE! Every vote counts, so let your voice be heard!

To help you remember this election, we created Go Vote! A big fat mini kit that we are giving you FREE on our Facebook Page!


and, for some added fun, we're having a little election at theStudio. This weekend, you can nominate your favorite designer to donate a FREE download a day kit for the remainder of November. On Tuesday, election day, everyone gets to VOTE for their favorite and the winner will give you a free kit! 

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